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Titanium Lap Joint Flanges (Titanium LJ Flanges) are used on titanium piping fitted with lapped pipe or with lap joint stub ends the combined initial cost of the two items being approximately one-third higher than that of comparable titanium welding neck flanges. Their pressure-holding ability is little, if any, better than that of titanium slip-on flanges and the fatigue life of the assembly is only one-tenth that of titanium welding neck flanges. The titanium lap joint flange with the stub end assembly are normally used in systems requiring frequent dismantling for inspection and cleaning and where the ability to swivel flanges and to align bolt holes materially eases the erection of large diameter or unusually stiff piping. These titanium flanges are also used in applications where there is a need to facilitate bolt alignment. Their use at points where severe bending stress occurs should be avoided.

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